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Student Work

Digital Media Block Party
Fourth Digital Media Block Party
What Women Tell Women About Working in Communication
South Florida Rising Seas
Liberty Square Rising
Digital and Broadband Capstone Project (Summer 2015)

Long Format Storytelling Documentaries (Spring 2015)
Broadcast/TV Production/Digital Media Capstone (Spring 2015)
FIU50 Spring, 2015 Multimedia Course (DIG4293)
Explore the History of FIU’s BBC Campus
What's Brewing Miami Spring, 2015 Multimedia Course (DIG4293)
What’s Brewing Miami
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In Spring 2016, undergraduates in Dr. Gutsche’s Visual Storytelling course contributed to FIU’s Digital Commons by curating research, storytelling, art, and communication related to work on sea level rise conducted by FIU faculty, students, and staff. Their project is titled Submerging the Sunshine: Explore Sea Level Rise in South Florida