The Journalism + Media SFMN | Washington and SFMN | New York Bureau Programs are designed to offer students the opportunity to study in one of the most newsworthy locations and media centers in the world while networking with professional journalists, community leaders, and FIU alumni.

Each program offers hands-on academic experiences that reach beyond the traditional classroom structure. Through a combination of theoretical and experiential formats, students will engage in lively academic discussions, traverse each city while conducting investigative field work, and participate in professional workshops and events. Individually, each program will have its own unique focus and point of interest:

SFMN | Washington Bureau


SFMN | New York Bureau

The Washington semester program will focus on the intersection between politics and journalism.  Students will explore the relationship between politics and the media and gain a thorough understanding of the responsibility of the news industry as the “fourth estate”. Through collaboration with the solutions journalism network, New York bureau students will learn the fundamentals of solutions-based reporting, which aims to not only report the news, but to find potential ways to respond and resolve the pressing social issues it exposes.
Applicants for the SFMN Big City Bureau Experience must:

  1. Be a senior-level Journalism + Media undergraduate student with only senior capstone course or capstone and one additional course to complete, a Spanish Journalism graduate student, or a recent alumni.
  2. Have a 3.0 minimum GPA
  3. Have completed a previous internship
  4. Be in good standing (academic, personal, and financial)
There are three easy steps to apply:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to ensure that this program will work with your academic progress/plan (does not apply to alumni applicants)
  2. Complete the online Journalism + Media Big City Semester Experience application
  3. Complete a personal interview

Once the application has been reviewed and the interview conducted, you will be notified of your acceptance via email with the permission number to register for the associated course.

In an effort to best accommodate the needs of our students and offer the most cost-effective option we can, this program will not offer predetermined housing plans. Instead, students will have the opportunity to make their own housing arrangements in a manner that best suits their budget – be that staying with family, friends, or with a third-party housing provider. You can find a listing of recommended housing providers HERE.

Eligible students may qualify for a scholarship to offset the cost of housing on a funds available basis.

Contact Judith Villiers at for more information.

Gabriel Poblete

Gabriel Poblete is a Miami-born aspiring journalist, interested in covering politics or international affairs.  Gabriel served as the managing editor of South Florida News Service during Summer 2018 and was the Little Haiti reporter prior. He has also freelanced for the Miami Herald.  For Gabriel, journalism is the bedrock for public discourse.


Leo Cosio

Leonardo Cosio is a broadcast media major in his senior year at Florida International University’s Honors College. He is a first generation Cuban-American from Miami, FL. Leo believes in the importance of telling stories and informing others about their community. He is most interested in political reporting and covering those in power. Leo was hired as a Communications Intern at the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress for the Summer 2018 semester and was able to fully experience what it’s like to live and work in our nation’s capital. It was a culture shock in many ways and allowed him to network with world-renowned experts in many fields. Leo is looking forward to graduating in December 2018 with his bachelor’s in communications.



Maria Serrano

Maria is a Journalism senior at Florida International University. She is originally from Orlando. Her passion is to communicate meaning into writing and she oftentimes uses beat reporting to do so.

Maria chose journalism as her career because she sees it as a tool for checks and balances.  She is passionate about TV broadcasting and about the beauty of in-depth stories, but she understands it’s important to find solutions to these problems.  Maria is committed, disciplined and caring. These are the assets that best describe her. As a young millennial, she is a strong believer that if you love something, you’ll do it forever, and you’ll do it right, and you’ll be honest about it.

Jaylin Hawkins

Self-proclaimed podcast expert, Jaylin Hawkins is an aspiring journalist from Palm Beach, Florida. Journalism became her career choice when, her mom told her that she should pursue the field since she can never seem to shut up about music. Her past experiences in the work force convinced her to come out of her hermit shell and taught her how to become a time management connoisseur.  The music enthusiast, playlist curating, curious girl from the suburbs hopes to engage audiences with quirky, thoughtful content in the digital space as well as through radio.