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The Journalism + Media SFMN | Washington and SFMN | New York Bureau Programs are designed to offer students the opportunity to study in one of the most newsworthy locations and media centers in the world while networking with professional journalists, community leaders, and FIU alumni.

Each program offers hands-on academic experiences that reach beyond the traditional classroom structure. Through a combination of theoretical and experiential formats, students will engage in lively academic discussions, traverse each city while conducting investigative field work, and participate in professional workshops and events. Individually, each program will have its own unique focus and point of interest:

SFMN | Washington Bureau


SFMN | New York Bureau

The Washington semester program will focus on the intersection between politics and journalism.  Students will explore the relationship between politics and the media and gain a thorough understanding of the responsibility of the news industry as the “fourth estate”. Student reporters at the New York Bureau will focus their work on the ever-changing, sprawling megalopolis that is New York City. Like their Washington, D.C., colleagues they will learn how journalists cover what is a constantly moving target, how to develop sources and how to find stories. Their stories will cover both political topics and contemporary issues.

Applicants for the SFMN Big City Bureau Experience must:

  1. Be a junior- or senior-level Journalism + Media undergraduate student, a Spanish-language Journalism graduate student, or a recent alumni.
  2. Have a 3.0 minimum GPA
  3. Have completed a previous internship
  4. Be in good standing (academic, personal, and financial)
There are three easy steps to apply:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to ensure that this program will work with your academic progress/plan (does not apply to alumni applicants)
  2. Complete the online Journalism + Media Big City Semester Experience application
  3. Complete a personal interview

Once the application has been reviewed and the interview conducted, you will be notified of your acceptance via email with the permission number to register for the associated course.

In an effort to best accommodate the needs of our students and offer the most cost-effective option we can, this program will not offer predetermined housing plans. Instead, students will have the opportunity to make their own housing arrangements in a manner that best suits their budget – be that staying with family, friends, or with a third-party housing provider. You can find a listing of recommended housing providers HERE.

Eligible students may qualify for a scholarship to offset the cost of housing on a funds available basis.

Contact Judith Villiers at for more information.


Daniel Lederman

Daniel Lederman is a Digital Media Studies major who aspires to bring to light the more intimate stories that get lost among larger events. His dream is to direct and produce films of his own, bridging the widening gap between education and entertainment. Recently, Daniel has worked for both FIU’s own PantherNOW, as well the the FIU-based South Florida News Service. Both experiences have allowed him to come into contact with filmmakers and content creators alike, learning the most vital tools of the trade, primarily audiovisual production and editing. Daniel is currently completing his Bachelor’s degree at FIU.

Osman Lopez- Barraza

Osman Lopez is a senior Broadcast Media major at Florida International University. He was born in Honduras and moved to Miami at the age of 15. He quickly realized his passion for media and technology, he moved to pursue a degree in Sound Engineering from Miami Dade College. After completing an internship with a television production company, and seeing the fast-paced production environment his love for production and story-telling was born. Having worked in numerous school projects Osman has developed an understanding of the importance of compelling story-telling. He hopes to one day become a news director and serve as a mentor for people looking to break in the industry.

William Prego

William Prego is a senior journalism major at Florida International University. He has an ardent passion for sports and writing. One day, William hopes to land a gig in the sports world as a sportscaster or analyst for a national news outlet. While at FIU, he has worked for the game day sports media department covering scoreboard and online live stream for men’s soccer and basketball and has written for the school paper, PantherNow. He has also interned as a production assistant for a nationally syndicated entertainment show on the CW channel called DailyFlash. William’s strong and devoted mindset is ready to take on all challenges ahead and his expected graduation date is summer 2019.


Karla Florez

Karla Florez is an FIU student majoring in Journalism. In 2016, she graduated from Miami Dade College with a degree in Mass Communications. Ever since she can remember, Karla has always loved to write. At first, it was fiction stories and poetry. Karla has structured essays she wrote when she was just eight years old and participated in a writing and poetry club for two years in high school. Now, she writes anything from feature stories to news articles, and poetry. She recently interned as a content writer for a PR company named Verity Creative Agency, based in California, during which she covered fashion and beauty topics. She is currently interning as a content writer for a lifestyle magazine called the {C} Magazine, based in Georgia, where she covers anything from fashion, to news and entertainment. She will be obtaining her Bachelor’s degree this summer and is hoping to pursue a career in print journalism. Karla hopes to continue strengthening her writing and interviewing skills, and looks forward to seeking new opportunities that will expand her experience in the Journalism world.

Valentina Palm

Valentina Palm is a senior Broadcast Journalism major at Florida International University. She is passionate about investigative journalism that shines a light on community issues and sparks change. She is currently a staff writer at FIU’s student media newspaper covering student government and FIU administration. Valentina is interested in multimedia journalism and focuses on capturing compelling videos and photographs to accompany her written stories. Being from Caracas, Venezuela she understands the importance of the freedom of the press and the responsibility of accurately reporting the truth.