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Cultural Communications in the Arabian Peninsula

Program Description

Dates: December 11- December 22

Dubai is a seamless melting pot of Western, Eastern, and Islamic culture. Located between Africa, Europe, and Asia, this exciting city combines high technological development with traditional religious ways of living. Dubai is an oasis of cultural mixtures and rapidly evolved from a trading center into an enormous metropolis.

This multi-disciplinary program is designed to immerse students thoroughly in the history and culture of the United Arab Emirates. With site visits in Dubai and the surrounding Emirates, students are introduced to the international business communication, cultural communication, and conflict and communication. In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn about the historical, political, social, cultural, geographical, environmental language of the county. This trip to Dubai will allow students to explore some of the most spectacular architectural sites in the world as well as an up and coming bustling metropolis.

During our 11 day trip in the United Arab Emeritus (December 11- December 22) we will visit Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Muscat (all via a cruise with different stops), where we will visit cultural sites and a variety of business companies. We will also have cultural visits and outings as part of the program.  The itinerary is attached.

We will be staying in air conditioned hotels and on a cruise, with students sharing rooms (2-3 persons per room).  Some assignments will be due during the trip and others will be submitted via Blackboard.

Courses & Credits
In our program, you will be able to take:
COM 4430 International Business Communication
COM 4462 Conflict Resolution
COM 4930 Special topics in Communication
(More information on each course here)

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